Find a Team Mate

If you are looking for a team mate for the event, then we can add your profile below for others to see, or you can join our Pioneer 'Find a Team Mate' Facebook Group'.

To have your profile added, please email us at, with a photo and answers to these five questions; age, location, ability/fitness level, goals for the event, email address.

If you secure a team mate, please email and let us know so we can remove you from the page. 

Fitness level scale: 5 = Elite, 4 = Club Racer, 3 = Experienced, 2 = Social Rider, 1 = Beginner

Finn von Schmeling

Finn von Schmeling

Finn von Schmeling

Age: 21

Location: Hamburg, Germany (but in New Zealand until the race)

Ability/fitness level: 3-4, having finished the Cape to Cape in the top 20% and the Whaka100 a week later. Not the fastest on technical single track, but I make up for it when it‘s flat or uphill and not too technical. Also currently in training for a full distance Ironman, so looking to be feeling good when race week comes. 

Goals for the event: Having fun, enjoying the experience and getting through it safely, but also pushing hard and trying to finish as good as possible. Also open for mixed team. 


Luis Alberto Molina Martín

Luis Alberto Molina

Age: 45

Location: Spain

Ability/Fitness: Level 3, average speed in MTB races 18 km / h. I have finished several MTB races in stages. They include the Titan tropic, Rioja Bike race, Volcat Race. 

Goals for the event: My goal is to finish it and enjoy.

Email Address:

Anton Davey

Anton Davey

Age: 50

Location: Albany, Western Australia

Ability/Fitness: 3 = Experienced. The photo is taken at ghost lake on the Old Ghost Road in NZ in 2017.

Goals for the event: To finish as fast as possible without dying.

Email Address:

Joe Tegerdine

Joe Tegerdine

Age: 44

Location: Texas, USA

Ability/fitness level: I completed my first stage race last summer in Colombia (La Leyenda Del Dorado). It was brutal, but my teammate and I survived after we both got food poisoning and actually finished pretty good. First time puking from a bike and running off trail for mid race relief! My teammate was from Brazil so we didn't meet until the race, but we used Strava to train and encourage each other. I've done a bit of X-Country racing, won X-TERRA region for my age group in 2017. I'm about a 3-4 experience level, definitely not a pro, but I win most CAT2 races I've entered.

Goals for the event: I really want to have a good time, enjoy the beautiful country and see how fast I can finish. I am competitive, but not crazy... too old for crazy!  

Email Address: